I Like Houellebecq or a Paraphrase on Myself…


Why do I like Houellebecq?….Well I like him because….Because what,,,, There are plenty of causes and arguments why I should like him…First of all I am a visual artist, so I see things and I see Houellebecq in magzines and TV and I see his books and I like that …Does it mean that I read them…not necessarily,,,,This is an absurd position, liking a writer presuppose that you not only see his books but that you read them….But as I say, I am a visual artist…So I see what I am drawing but I am not reading it …. I am feeling my drawing …The picture is a map of my feeling …. a code,,,, my personal algorithm witch I cannot read as I read a book ,,,,, So I like Michel Houellebecq in the same way because when I read him I don’t really read him I see him trough my feelings … I don’t ask who he is…. I am asking who am I ,,,,,




A footnote:

You the reader, may consider the above writing as a function of two variables: the variable “Houellebecq” my be Anyone ( …from Aristo to the Hobbits…) and “I” my be You…. or ….

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